This website is a free resource for employees to check their drinking, providing an NHS approved risk measurement tool and advice on cutting down. Feel free to pass on this website to all employees to promote alcohol awareness.

This service is provided by Alcohol Health Network, a social enterprise providing alcohol awareness and support to workplaces around the UK.

We support workplaces to be positive about alcohol awareness and help employees know more about their drinking.

We offer a number of services to organisations to help promote alcohol awareness as part of your health and wellbeing at work strategy.

Our Services

Alcohol Awareness Training / Lunch and Learn sessions
We offer on-site Alcohol Awareness Training for Mental Health First Aiders, Health champions and Line Mangers, as well as Lunch and Learn sessions for all employees. More info.

Alcohol Health Roadshows and Alcohol Free Drink Tastings
Our Alcohol Health Roadshows are a fun and engaging way to promote alcohol awareness to your workplace with a beer goggle challenge and alcohol-free drinks tasting. More info.

Print materials
For desk drops, or as part of wellbeing events our lively and engaging print materials are designed to start a conversation on alcohol awareness. More info

Online e-learning

The Drink Checker website allows employees to track their drinking, set goals and assess their level of risk. The e-learning website can be customised and tailored for your workplace, with links to your EAP / OH services or local alcohol counselling services. More info.

Alcohol Health Network CIC is a member of Social Enterprise UK and regulated by the Information Commissioner. 

To discuss how we can help you promote Alcohol Awareness in your workplace, please call 020 3151 2420 or email